This is where you can download a test version of I'd like to clarify that is a Cocoa user interface and OS X friendly packaging of the OS X port of Mac-on-Linux that is underway by its original author. Before you download, please make note of the following:

OK. Now that all that is out of the way. Please download here and let me know how it goes:

Thanks in advance for trying this out!

New: Here is information on how to build the darwin version of mol that works with Mom. This will build mol with some minor customizations, and then in step 5 copy it to the appropriate directory inside

  1. Check out the bk sources.

    bk clone bk:// mol-bk

  2. Apply the small patch found here.

    cd mol-bk
    patch -p1 < ../mol-mom-0.1.patch

  3. Build mol (When given the 'menuconfig', just choose the default)


  4. Get the externally built 'drivers'

    make libimport

  5. Run my packaging script called makeDist found here.

    makeDist mol-bk   /Applications/